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Welcome To Lifty Electrics



About this item
Innovative &Upgraded Motorized Scooter - With powerful 350W DC brushless motor, ES500 can reach to 25km/h, travel up to 25km, and is perfect for zipping around short to medium distance around town. The Smart Battery Management System assures the battery safety and extends the battery life.

Excellent Personal Commuting customized large solid tires with high road holding make ES500 performed well under any road conditions. Meanwhile, it can be folded in just one step, and then placed in various public transportation (buses, trains, super cars, etc.).

Safe Riding - The mechanical and electromagnetic braking system ensure braking safety. And the non-slip pedal, the deflectors in side, front and rear, two brake levers and a bell improve security of the e-scooter.

Humanized Design - The Large digital display shows speed,remaining battery life and L/H speed modes, visible at all riding. The front shock absorbing suspension, the solid tires which won't be punctured, and the 19cm wide pedal, provide you optimum brace and comfort, extremely when accelerating (max power reachs 600W).